Trent's lesson plans are designed to be fun and interactive.   Water safety and survival skills are taught in the most effective way.


"I am focused on water safety and in particular, pool proofing everyone."

                                                                                                                                                      Trent Croll


Every child is different and will learn at his/her own pace.  At the end of each term, every student will receive a certificate outlining the competencies they have achieved.

Assessments are available by appointment and will include a summarised report of your child's swimming abilities.
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Level 1: First time (15-20mins)

For the best results all children should start here!
• Introduction to the water environment
• Teaching parents confident and comforting holds for their infant in the water
• Introduction of safe entry into the water
• Introduction to a cue system
• Experiencing different movements through the water
• Introduction of breath control
• Introduction of floating
• Learning how fun the water can be and having a splash of a time


Level 2: Confidence (20mins)

• Safe Water entries
• Progression of floating 
• Progression of cue system
• Progression of breath control
• Blowing bubbles
• Encouraging voluntary flutter kicks
• Increasing water confidence and independence
• Learning to recover from submersion
• Monkey crawling on the side wall

Level 3: Independence (20-30mins)

• Accidental entries with aided/unaided recovery
• Working towards self propulsion by encouraging on cue flutter kicks
• Working towards independent floating
• Push and glide from wall to parent and parent to wall
• Encourage putting face and eyes in the water with confidence
• Introduction of kick boards
• Introduction of steps and platform
• Preparation for independent swimming

$10 per child per lesson | maximum 5 children per lesson | minimum cost $30
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Level 1: Developing confidence and independence in the water (20-30mins)

This level is great start if the student has never had lessons before or are coming from a parent and baby class

  • Learning to blow bubbles and breath control
  • Learning to put eyes in the water voluntary
  • Learning to flutter kick with straight legs
  • Learning to push-off and glide to instructor and back to pool wall
  • Learning to float assisted/unassisted
  • Learning to slide in and turn around assisted/unassisted
  • Learning to jump in and turn around assisted/unassisted
  • Introduction to water safety

Level 2: Increasing propulsion in the water (30mins)

  • Increasing confidence with eyes in the water and breath control
  • Developing flutter kicks with straight legs and strong propulsion
  • Increasing distance of the push off and glide
  • Introduction of over arm action (freestyle arms)
  • Learning to roll over and float independently
  • Introducing flutter kick on back aided/unaided
  • Introducing the retrieval of objects from the bottom of the pool
  • Learning to crouch and dive from the wall
  • Practising safety around water environments

Level 3: Development of freestyle and backstroke arms (30mins)

  • Perfecting over arm action (freestyle) and increasing swimming distance
  • Learning to roll from front to back unaided
  • Learning to roll from back to front unaided
  • Introduction of backstroke arms
  • Introduction of bilateral breathing
  • Improving crouch and dive with a glide and flutter kick
  • Practising safety around water plus introduction to life jackets

Level 4: Fundamentals of bilateral breathing (30mins)

  • Learning freestyle arms with bilateral breathing
  • Improving backstroke arms (straight arms)
  • Introduction of breaststroke legs
  • Learning to stand and dive
  • Practising safety around the water
  • Learning the basic skills of treading water
  • Learning to skull on their back
  • Learning to reach and rescue

Price: 1 person per lesson $35 | 2 people per lesson $40 | 3 people per lesson $45

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Level 1: Stroke correction and introduction to breaststroke (30 mins)

  • Developing technique in freestyle and backstroke focusing on the overarm action
  • Producing strong propulsion with breaststroke kicks
  • Learning breaststroke arms
  • Has been introduced to butterfly kick
  • Learning to control a standing dive
  • Showing improvement in survival skills 
  • Learning side stroke and survival backstroke
  • Can swim up to 25m non stop

Level 2: Preparation for squad training and introduction to butterfly (30 mins)

  • Advancing technique in freestyle and backstroke focussing on the underwater pull
  • Learning trunk rotation in freestyle and backstroke
  • Learning the correct rhythm of breaststroke
  • Has been introduced to butterfly arms
  • Learning the correct rhythm for butterfly
  • Advancing diving skills including race starts
  • Learning the fundamentals of tumble turns
  • Learning the order of an individual medley and the correct turns to match each leg
  • Can swim minimum 25m non stop

Level 3: Stroke correction to advance techniques, complimenting squad training

  • Developing advanced techniques for freestyle
  • Has been doing stroke correction for freestyle and can swim at least 50m
  • Developing advanced techniques for backstroke
  • Has been doing stroke correction for backstroke and can swim at least 50m
  • Developing advanced techniques for breaststroke
  • Has been doing stroke correction for breaststroke and can swim at least 50m
  • Developing advanced techniques for butterfly
  • Has been doing stroke correction for butterfly and can swim at least 25m
  • Can demonstrate survival skills in the water

Price: 1 person per lesson $35 | 2 people per lesson $40 | 3 people per lesson $45

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